Tornado Scare….We Are There

Monday night’s tornado warnings proved something to us.  We build way more than houses.  We build relationships.  And we build houses and relationships to last.

As director of right-handedness, I received multiple texts from one of our new homeowners regarding the tornado warnings and sirens she was hearing.  New to the area, she was unsure of her safety, and more importantly, the safety of her sleeping little girl.

She needed to know if they were safe.  She needed to know if she needed to head to the basement.  She needed answers, and she texted me.

What does that say about the relationships we build with our homeowners?  It speaks volumes.  They turn to us knowing they will be taken care of.  They turn to us because sometimes there isn’t anyone else who will know the answers.  They turn to us.

And that’s what makes this job of building homes, building stories, and building relationships a unique one we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

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