Falling in Love with New Hues

Falling in Love with New Hues

What is it you’re wanting to paint?  What is is you’re needing to paint?  Where do you even start with the rainbow of colors available in every corner of the world?

With me, I start with:  red?  No.

                                         orange?  No.

                                         yellow?  No.

                                         green?  Maybe….but probably not.

                                         blue?  Yes, I like blue.  But *which* blue?

                                         purple?  No.

                                         pink?  I think not.

                                         tan?  Not again.

                                         gray?  Probably so, but again *which* gray is the right gray?

When we are struggling to find the right color for a space, why not turn to the professionals?  It’s an easy reference, and at Houzz, the pros combined the number one colors for 2017 in one spot, and these come from a variety of paint production companies!  It’s easy to get in a rut with colors, but sometimes all it takes is one new color to spark a whole new view of your project!  Below are the top colors for the new year!  Which one is your favorite?

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