Revealing a Sensational Home: The Wilkersons’ Story

Some stories have multiple chapters, and the Wilkersons’ story definitely had just that.  Moving eight times in 13 years, it sort of becomes just something you do.  Belongings are packed, goodbyes are said, and it’s time move on to your new place.  For the Wilkerson family, moving has become second nature, but this last move was one which was a little bit different than all the ones before.  Their story this go-around involves an apartment, a designer, and barn wood.

The Wilkersons got the call from Jason’s employer saying it was time to move to Kansas City from Wichita.  In the spring of 2015, he traveled to KC and moved into a two-bedroom apartment, started working his job in the new location, and waited for his wife Hillary and their two daughters, Peyton and Riley, to join him.  Clearly, this situation was not a dream come true.  However, the Wilkersons made the most of it all while they built their beautiful new home over the next few months.

It was only a short period between when they knew their family would be moving to Kansas City making their final purchase.  Jason and Hillary had visited numerous neighborhoods in the Kansas City metro area, and they decided the Northland had what they wanted.  Loving this part of town helped narrow down their choices for subdivisions, as well as the Liberty School District.  “We loved the rolling hills and the north part of town made for an easier commute,” is what Hillary said about their decision.  They originally discovered the Hadley model home in Copperleaf and loved it.  The family knew there were a few things they would like to change about the model to fit their home and work lifestyles.

In conversation with Chris and Roy, they discovered there was a Hadley model under construction in another neighborhood.  Moving so frequently, Hillary and Jason were concerned with resale perks, and the estate sized lots in the Manderley subdivision and Liberty schools were two perks they couldn’t ignore.  At this point, walking through the framed house, the Wilkersons knew this would be the house they called their home.

Luckily, they were able to get the house while they were able to make all of the important design decisions they wanted.  Knowing Hillary was going to home school their daughters influenced a lot of their decisions.  One of the upstairs bedrooms was turned into a home office, as well as a place to do school work.  Windows were added to make the room bright and full of natural light.  It is the perfect spot to work, read, and be productive and creative.

Other changes the Wilkersons made to their home were as follows:

*Added a medallion in the tile work behind the cooktop

*Designed all their closet spaces and hand-picked trim work, including transom windows

*Added a tiled niche in the shower for shower accessories

*Custom-designed a shelf for shoes in the closet

*Designed a lower level bar with glass cabinetry to mimic the upstairs

*Added on an exercise room in the finished basement

*Created a specific closet for their board games

*Added barn doors to the lower level spare room and loft area

*Added a pocket door to the basement bathroom to separate the vanity area from the shower

*Tucked Jason’s home office away in a quiet part of the basement for late night work calls

*Designed elaborate built-in cabinetry in the loft to accommodate Lego creations



Building a home from a remote location sounds like it could be quite a challenge, but the Wilkersons did not feel it was difficult at all.  They were able to utilize the designer Homes by Chris uses to pull the whole house together, which was a wonderful asset for the family.  They had never been able to pick out all their finishes before, so having the extra assistance and insight to building a custom home was invaluable.  The girls, Peyton and Riley, were able to design their bedrooms for the first time ever.  Peyton wanted a curved-edge bathtub and wainscoting in her blue room.  Riley wanted barn wood on her ceiling and a shower without a tub.  They asked…and they received.

The story Homes by Chris built for this family is one which represents a dedication to work, education, and creating beautiful, livable spaces for the family.  Every space in the house was thought through carefully to ensure there wouldn’t be any wasted spaces.  The Wilkersons are hoping Jason’s job keeps them in their home for many years to come, but even if they do move again, Homes by Chris has built their story deep into the spaces of this home.

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