Falling in Love: Introducing the Verssues’ Beautiful Story

Have you ever talked with people who are newly in love?  They talk with stars in their eyes. They remember every detail of everything they have ever done together.  They tell “their story” together, and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  Without a doubt, Matt and Mary Verssue are head over heels in love…..with their newly-built house from custom builder Homes by Chris.  And to be honest, we are in love with it, too.

The Verssues’ story is much different than most of the stories we tell as there are layers upon layers.  The first layer starts with Matt and Mary; the Verssues were already living in a lovely home with ample space for their family of four.  However, they felt like their house wasn’t suiting their needs in the way they truly desired, so they began to search.  Their search led them to a website (www.houseplans.com) where they pored over options.  The plan they discovered had an amazing front porch, something which is lost on so many house plans these days, and the overall feel of the house was very open.  Knowing the smaller, more intimate neighborhood where they wanted to build had its own specifications, the Verssues were able to modify the original plan with the help of Homes by Chris’s architect to get the exact layout they wanted.

Another layer of the Verssues’ story was the role their realtor played in discovering Homes by Chris.  The couple had numerous options for builders, but with the help of Nickole Pittala {Re/Max Innovations:  Tradition Home Group}, they were introduced to Chris and Roy Ragland, and a connection was instantaneous.  Mary said, “From Day One, it was comfortable and easy,” to work with the Raglands.  Matt and Mary hadn’t even heard of Homes by Chris, and when they discovered the company, they knew it was a perfect fit.  “We walked through the Artisan Home together, and the way that Chris and Roy interacted and involved our children in the process was wonderful.  At no time did they expect the children to sit back and not be engaged.”

The next layer of this story comes from a friend of a friend who was eager to help them bring their home to life…even before it was built.  They friend wanted to offer his services to compose a virtual rendering of the floor plan the Verssues had tweaked with the HBC architect.  This virtual rendering gave the couple a true sense of what their home would look and feel like.  They were able to add light fixtures and furniture which would replicate their own, helping them to see how the plan would truly lay out.  They played around with paint and stain colors, glass in the cabinet doors, and the overall design of their home.  This was definitely an added perk since this floor plan had never been built in the area, and Matt and Mary loved being able to “walk through” their home.

As we walked through the house, it was apparent the Verssues had a vision with their design.  Some of their favorite things about their home (other than everything) are pictured here!

~ The dining area turned out perfectly!

~ The living space with the large stone hearth!

~ The gray cabinetry in the kitchen!

~ The powder bath and the sink….oh, the sink!

~ The cool tile and spacious drop zone!

~ Emma’s room…..seriously….just look at it!

~ The stairway opens up to the first floor!

~ The lower level is a fantastic gathering spot!

~ The Lego area in the lower level…..major!

~Not only the exterior colors, but the porch!

~The retro bathroom style!

~A dedicated spot for wine!










~The flooring of Aidan’s bathroom!

When you think of building a home, most people imagine a stress-filled time in their lives.  Talking with the Verssues, it was obvious this process was full of joy as they collaborated with the Raglands to build a house they would all be proud to call home.  The Verssues’ story is built into every fiber of their house, and the gleam in their eyes as they talk about building a custom home with Homes by Chris lets us know this love story is one they’ll remember and share with all who listen.  We have no doubt that we built their story……and we feel fortunate to be the ones selected to do just that.

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