The Great Debate: Countertop Colors to Use

The Great Debate:  Which Color Should We Choose for a Countertop?

With Homes by Chris, you can guarantee we are always making cutting-edge selections for our showcase homes, and we assist our homeowners in making their decisions as well.  Your countertop materials and colors are just one part of the whole home design, but the overall feeling they give to a room is very strong in nature.

The most visible and admired countertop in the whole house is in the kitchen, so your selection needs to be one made carefully.  It is vital to assess the cabinet color (painted? stained? light? dark?) and figure out what role your counters are playing in the room.  Do you want them to pop?  Do you want them to blend?  Do you want them to be easy to keep visibly clean?  Do you have a visually strong tile backsplash, or can it handle a little more from the counters?  All these considerations are made when selecting this one piece of your home.

When we go to selections meetings with our homeowners, we make sure to pull all aspects of the home’s design and “feel” in and assist in making the right choice for your house.  This article from Houzz was *very* helpful in breaking down various countertop colors and materials, so we just knew we had to share with our beloved fans and followers:


Below are some of our favorite recent kitchens we have done, as well as the addresses, if they are showcase homes.  A few of these are homeowners’ custom homes in Kansas City.  See the power that one material can have on the whole room?  It’s amazing…..and we think these are stunning.

   9601 NE 93rd Terrace (Copperleaf)

 10416 N. Brooklyn Ave. (Staley Farms)

 *Custom Home Build Job (Manderley)

 *Custom Remodeling Project (Copperleaf)

*Top photo is 10405 N Brooklyn (Staley Farms)

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