To Heat or Not to Heat

heated floors

Are heated floors right for your custom home?

If you ask the Morris family, an HBC home buyer, this question in regard to their tile floors in the bathroom, the answer is a resounding, “TO HEAT!”  This family of six is experienced in buying, as well as building, custom homes.  When it came time to custom build their second home, Josh and Gina Morris didn’t hesitate when putting heated tile flooring in their master bathroom.  To them, it was a no-brainer and something worth adding to their plans to make their house their dream home.

Installing and using the heated tile flooring is actually a fairly simple process, but it must be decided early on in the building phase of your home, at approximately the rough-in stage.  Because the heated mesh which is installed underneath your tile is run electrically, the electricians need to know where the thermostat will be placed.  Once you move in to your home, you run the floors just like your furnace.  You decide the temperature you want the floors to be, and you can even set different timers for the flooring.  If you would like to have the floors warmer in the morning and in the evening, but a little cooler throughout the day, it’s just a simple setting on the thermostat.

heated floors heated floors heated floors

Everyone who has built a new custom home knows there are many, many more decisions that pop up along the way.  The Morris family knew from the start they would be installing heated tile flooring into their master bathroom, as the benefits would be numerous.  The bathroom stays warmer, making it more comfortable for each person who showers, bathes, or dresses there.  Josh noted that the master bedroom also receives some of the benefits of the warm flooring, as it is also nice and cozy.  Additionally, the Morrises’ four daughters enjoy spending time in the bathroom, whether it is getting clean or just lying on the warm flooring!   The decision to install heated tile flooring is a small one which reaps many benefits, and those who choose to install them say they would never have it any other way.

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