The Story behind HBC

Here is a viewpoint from Homes by Chris’s office manager:

I have been working for HBC for ten months now, and I am responsible for the social media updates, writing pieces, videos, and website changes you see.

This sneak peek into the world of building custom homes has been an eye-opening one to me.  The coordination of projects, the time spent working with the families building homes, and the thousands of e-mails discussing small details which go into building a house is not an easy task.  Every day, Roy and Chris Ragland take on these tasks to build houses for you….to build homes you can be proud of.

However, whenever I ask Chris about the projects and houses she is juggling, the first thing which comes to her mind is the story of the family….and the stories are many.  There is a reason the second bedroom is bigger than in the model. (because the second child wants have a play area AND a desk AND enough room to have friends sleep over).  There is a reason the family has decided to do a suspended garage. (because they are going to make a room for a home gym in the basement because the family works weird hours and can’t find the time to leave to go work out).  There is a reason the lighting in the little girl’s bathroom is so breathtaking. (because she was the daughter they never thought they would have……)

What happens when Homes by Chris builds a house?  Chris builds a home.  She builds a story.  Not just a two-story or a reverse.  She builds your story.

We are going to be featuring a family throughout a 4-6 week period where you will learn about their individual processes for designing a home which fits their needs.  The details which must be taken into consideration throughout the whole process will be opened up to you.  These families are going to share their stories with you.

What we hope to share with you is why you should let Homes by Chris build your story…..

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