The Hardwood Floors are Coming! The Hardwood Floors are Coming!

Hardwood flooring by new home builders in the Kansas City area is nothing new, as you can find it in many an entryway, kitchen and guest bathroom. Yet the latest trends show that this durable, multi-faceted and eye-catching material is making its way all over the home – and even in some unexpected places.

When my husband Roy and I built our custom home 20 years ago, we integrated hardwood throughout the first floor—in the dining room, living room, our traditional kitchen, and of course in the entryway and half-bathroom. With kids, a large dog, and our offices at home, it was the best investment we could have made at the time. And we still love it!

We are now working on adding hardwood on the second floor of our personal home, adding hardwoods in the hallway, bonus room and bedrooms. Other than some tile flooring and a little bit of carpet in a few areas, the house will be almost completely hardwood.

But we aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the numerous aesthetic and lifestyle benefits of hardwood flooring.

According to the World Floor Covering Association (, today’s homeowners are not just looking for great hardwood flooring, they are also looking for something radiating natural beauty that reveals much about their own unique tastes, values, and what is important to them. As such, 10 top hardwood flooring trends have emerged, each one representing a distinctive look, coupled with style, durability and value.

For example, Handscrape hardwood flooring is highlighted by marks commonly found in flooring reclaimed from historic buildings or other aged structures where both the look and feel of these floors reveal the characteristic hand scraped craftsmanship that created them.

hardwood flooring options 4Engineered wood floors—real hardwood placed together in typically three or more thin sheets and laminated together to form one solid plank—are popular because they generally come pre-finished, can be easily installed with glue, nails or staples, and offer the beauty of solid wood without the price.

Homeowners desiring an environmentally friendly option often choose bamboo, cork or other exotic sustainable species whose removal will not contribute to destruction of the natural forests.

In this year’s Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City Fall Parade of Homes, September 28-October 13, new home builder HBC’s model home at 9504 NE 89th Street in the Copperleaf Community in Liberty will showcase a variety of wood flooring options, including hardwood stair treads … an unusual feature at this price point.

Expand your design options and consider hardwood floors throughout your home. The options are nearly endless, provide a unique and personal touch, and are surprisingly cost effective over their life.

In addition to her role as Co-Owner and Operator of HBC Construction, Chris is also Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

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