The Dining Room Do-over

Yes, it is true.  Dining rooms are withering away with each passing year.  Lifestyles are changing, there is no question about that.

With an increase in work-from-home opportunities, families are finding a greater need for office spaces rather than dining spaces.  This also goes hand-in-hand with an increased amount of technology you’ll find in homes.  People are needing places to store, charge, and utilize laptops, tablets, e-readers, iPods, gaming systems, etc.

Also, as families become more and more involved in activities out of the home, it is no longer a standard tradition to eat dinner together at the table.  People are mixing a practical office desk and table with a hutch to store serving pieces and nicer tableware.

Another perspective to the dining room is to transform the typical dining room square footage into a music room and conservatory or a library and reading space.  If you will use the space for one of those activities rather than a formal dining room, then you should have the power to custom create that space within your home, especially if you’re designing your own home.

Check out these images on Houzz for other ways to use dining room space:

Images of Repurposed Dining Rooms

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