Spice Up Your Holiday Décor with a Little Creativity and Flair

Whether we feel ready for it yet or not, the holiday season has officially arrived! And for many of us, that means turning our everyday living environments into festive gathering spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

If you’re like me, you may be a bit tired of dragging out the same old boxes containing the same decorations you’ve been using year after year. If that’s the case, you better not pout (sorry, I just thought a little holiday pun might cheer you up!), as there are several very easy, inexpensive and delightful ways to give your holiday décor a fresh new look.

holiday decoratingLocation, Location, Location

Before looking at the decorations and deciding what to put where, let’s look at the “where,” paying particular attention to any unique niches or spaces in your home that could make their own special holiday statement.

For example, an arched doorway is wonderful place to string a garland and/or some white lights, lending a magical feel to the two rooms that the doorway connects.

Other great spots to drape some greenery are around the kitchen pendant lights or from the pot rack over the center island.

If you have a cozy built-in nook or ledge, use it to show off groups of holiday themed items such as a basket of ornaments, silver vases and bowls, different size and shape candles, or family photos from Christmases past.

An unusual but fun way to highlight the living room might be to wrap your coffee table like a gift. This can easily be accomplished by crisscrossing strands of ribbon over the top and sides, and adding complimentary colored ribbons, bows, trinkets or family photos.

holiday decoratingO Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!…

Because the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of most holiday decorations, spicing it up with different colors and themes will give it a unique flavor and flair.

Instead of using traditional bulbs and accoutrement, how about peppering it with souvenirs gathered on family vacations? Mementos from significant events that happened during the past year—your son’s first band performance, celebrating your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, or pictures from your 30-year high school reunion—are sure to evoke special memories and make great conversation starters when family and friends come to visit.

For those who have more than one Christmas tree, consider decorating each one with its own distinctive theme and color palette. And instead of using the customary metal tree stand, find an appropriately sized natural woven basket to lend a different feel to the room.

Many people prefer the look, aroma and biodegradable/recycling benefits of using a real Christmas tree, which can be found at any number of tree farms and holiday live tree lots. And if you’d like to cut down your own tree, you can visit places like Kansas City WildLands in Shawnee.

On Saturday, December 7 they will be hosting their 13th Annual Red Cedar Christmas Tree Event, where the public can choose and cut down a native red cedar tree that although beautiful is unfortunately classified as an invasive species. As a special added “Christmas gift,” proceeds from the suggested $15 minimum donation will benefit natural community restoration throughout the Greater Kansas City region.

Bring a Little of the Outside In

The Christmas tree isn’t the only thing you can bring in from the outside to delight and inspire.

Twigs, leaves and bark offer woodsy touches to fireplace mantels, buffet tables and baskets. Acorns, pinecones, stones and even an un-carved pumpkin or gourd from Halloween can be transformed into eye-catching pieces with silver or gold spray paint and glitter.

Even though it may be too cold to socialize outside, decorating the front porch, patio or deck with glowing orbs, wreaths, lights or candles can add a warm “Wow Factor” to your holiday theme.

However you decorate, it’s all about creating that element of surprise around every corner.

Happy Holidays!

In addition to her role as Co-Owner and Operator of Custom Home Building Company HBC Construction, Chris is also Vice President of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City.

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