Rebuilding Together Clay County

“How can I make an impact on my community?”

“I have so much to offer, how can I share it with others?”

These are things people often wonder, as they have a desire to help, but they just don’t know where to start.  What better place to start volunteering time, services, and/or money than in your community?  With a community-based service project, you see your fingerprint in a tangible way, and you know you have helped your local neighbors in a valuable way.  Custom home builder Roy Ragland understands this and has chosen to become involved as well.

Clay McQuerry, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Clay County, has put together an annual event to help low-income individuals and families to make necessary repairs to their homes.  Oftentimes, a lack of income or physical ability stand in the way of maintaining one’s home, and McQuerry has worked tirelessly to find a way to help those in need.  He points out that these citizens have to make choices about how to spend their money:  food, heat, electricity, or making home repairs.  They clearly have to use their resources to meet their basic needs, so Rebuilding Together comes in to help the citizens of Clay County make their necessary home improvements.

“Clay has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met, and he knows how to stretch a dollar forever,” says Roy Ragland, Rebuilding Clay County board member.  This organization could not be funded without the generosity of builders and people who donate their time and money.  Builders can donate their excess materials, such as doors, tile, counter tops, light fixtures, and carpet, just to name a few.  Volunteers from the organization will come to your job site and pick up the materials and will either use them in rebuilding homes or will sell them on their website.  With the money which comes in from selling the excess materials, Rebuilding Together can purchase other items which are needed to make the necessary improvements to homes in Clay County.  This year, 27 different home sites were improved upon in various ways.  What an amazing way to improve our community!

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