Living Life in a Custom Built Laundry Room

custom laundry roomOne of the main benefits to custom building your dream home is the power you have to design your house to fit your family’s lifestyle. Chris Ragland, custom builder with Homes by Chris, will help you to plan out a laundry room which will help your home run smoothly.

Laundry Room Optional Features:

1.  Utility sink — give those dirty clothes a quick rinse or soak before tossing them in the washer.

2.  Built-in cabinetry — store your detergent, stain removers, dryer sheets, etc. out of the way from everyone, including small children.

3.  Drying racks and shelves — eliminate clutter throughout the house by keeping all the clothes in one area.

4.  Built-in ironing board — building an ironing board into the wall helps keep things nice and tidy, yet easily accessible.

5.  Linen closet storage — here’s the perfect place to keep all your spare towels, sheets, toilet paper, and items you don’t want taking up space elsewhere in your house!  Include pull-out shelving to make everything else easy to grab!

6.  A window — let the light shine while getting those clothes clean!  The natural light also makes it so you can see the stains you’re fighting more easily.

Depending on where your laundry room is located, first or second floor, some of the options may not be as feasible. or desirable.  However, understanding how busy lives are these days, the more efficient you can make your laundry room, the happier everyone will be!  Custom builder Chris Ragland can get you your desired efficient laundry room.

Check out this site to see images of some breathtaking laundry spaces:

                                  BREATHTAKING LAUNDRY SPACES

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