Custom Colors Everywhere

Choosing counter tops can be a tough job, especially given the variety of choices you will see.  Custom home builder Chris Ragland will help you make smart decisions for your home, and you should considered these things:

First of all, consider the area you’re designing and its overall purpose:  

  •     Is it in a predominant area of the house?
  •     Will the counter tops be a focal point of a room?
  •     Is it an area which can use a pop of color?
  •     Will the counter tops be easy to keep clean with food preparation in the kitchen or general use in the bathroom?

Secondly, think about how “trendy” your counter top will seem in 5-10 years:

  •     Is it something which will need to be replaced sooner than you’d like it to be due to changing trends?
  •     Do the counters comprise a large area?  If so, then you might want to pick something a bit more practical, as replacement counters will not be cheap!

Lastly, make sure the counters match your style throughout the house:

  •     Are you picking something which doesn’t coordinate with furniture you currently have?
  •     Does it seem like your style or someone else’s?

All these questions are things to consider as you’re picking out counter tops.  They are fun, but there are many factors in making a smart decision for your style and your home!

Check out some of the sample counter tops on our Facebook page, and think carefully before you choose!

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