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Fear No Color

Custom home builder Chris Ragland’s mantra is “Fear No Color.”  When you walk into a Homes by Chris house, eye-catching colors will be one thing you will immediately notice!  Chris encourages her home buyers to push the envelope, and the end result is always very striking!This article from Houzz supports Chris’s design aesthetic 100%!  Check […]

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The Dining Room Do-over

Yes, it is true.  Dining rooms are withering away with each passing year.  Lifestyles are changing, there is no question about that. With an increase in work-from-home opportunities, families are finding a greater need for office spaces rather than dining spaces.  This also goes hand-in-hand with an increased amount of technology you’ll find in homes.

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To Heat or Not to Heat

Are heated floors right for your custom home? If you ask the Morris family, an HBC home buyer, this question in regard to their tile floors in the bathroom, the answer is a resounding, “TO HEAT!”  This family of six is experienced in buying, as well as building, custom homes.  When it came time to

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Custom Colors Everywhere

Choosing counter tops can be a tough job, especially given the variety of choices you will see.  Custom home builder Chris Ragland will help you make smart decisions for your home, and you should considered these things: First of all, consider the area you’re designing and its overall purpose:       Is it in

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