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A Home that Fits Your Needs

So maybe the kids are gone, you are nearing retirement, and it’s time to once again take stock of your life. A big part of this life reassessment is your home. The amount of home space, floor plans and features one desires changes as the size and needs of our families change over the years.

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Let There Be Light!

It seems so simple that we just flip a switch, turn a knob, or pull a cord, and a light comes on. But lighting is really one of the most important aspects to consider in a home. Not only does it light a particular space, but it also has a dramatic effect on our moods,

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Picking the Perfect Lot

Watch this video tour of a lot which has been staked and is ready for excavation.  Roy Ragland of HBC Builders will help you understand how to select the lot which is right for your desired home! Click here:  PICKING THE PERFECT LOT video tour

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Baby its Cold Outside!

It may have seemed like the cooler weather was never going to get here, but the fall season has finally arrived and so has the nippy air. So in addition to changing over our wardrobe and getting mentally prepared for the coming holiday season, our thoughts also turn to warmth as we look at the

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Which Counters Make Sense for Me?

Which Countertops Should You Use? There are six primary types of countertops available when you’re considering what to put throughout your home.  Chris Ragland, custom home builder, gets asked all the time about what is available and what she suggests.  Use this list from Martha Stewart Living to get a better sense of what your options

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Insulation Provides the Perfect Balance of Energy Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Comfort

From windows and doors, to appliances, space heating and cooling, home electronics and more, most Americans these days agree that energy efficient products, technologies, and practices are important. Not just from a cost savings standpoint, but also as part of a collective environmental consciousness designed to lower our environmental footprint. This focus and consciousness plays

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