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Caring for your Custom Lawn and Landscaping

Where does custom home builder Chris Ragland recommend you go for lawn upkeep and maintenance?  The Grass Pad, the premier grass and sod vendor in Kansas City, with five locations in the metro area.  The Grass Pad ranks as #1 as Chris’s favorite place, namely because of their extensive knowledge of Kansas City soil.

custom home builder

Spring is the time of year when our lawns and landscaping come back to life, but not without careful planning on the homeowners’ part.  Many of us find our lawns to be a great mystery, and depending on where you live in KC, there is a reason for that.  Platte and Clay Counties have very different sod from one another, and the Grass Pad experts know that.  They have different varieties of grass and fertilizer for the soil in the two counties.  This is one of the reasons custom home builder Chris Ragland uses and recommends the Grass Pad for your lawn care needs.

Another reason this vendor is one of Chris’s favorites is their helpful and current website.  They have a blog which keeps up with the ever-changing weather and the seasonal ups and downs in KC.  The website and the knowledgeable staff can help keep your custom lawn beautiful from the first moments of spring until the end of fall when grass goes into dormancy.  Take advantage of the Grass Pad’s helpful website and blog, and see why Chris recommends this company to her custom home builders.

Grass Pad’s helpful blog:

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