The Hendersons

image (Copy)Just as no two snowflakes are alike….

Just as no two families are identical…..

No two Homes by Chris are ever the same.

Custom builder Chris Ragland ensures that she writes each family’s story into the walls of their home.  Beginning from the very first moment, Chris and Roy take special care to learn about the family whose house they will be building.  Through casual conversation, as noted by the Feature Family Shea and Richard Henderson, Chris learns about your lifestyle, your interests, and what is important to you.  Then, as a result of attention to detail and caring, Chris will build your story.

For the Hendersons, they discovered HBC by walking through model showcase homes, and Shea commented that she noticed, “the finishing work was exceptional, bookshelves, trim, tile work, and door styles which were different.”  Shea and Richard had looked at other houses, but didn’t even feel the need to meet with anyone else.  They knew that Chris would build their home.

During the building experience, the Hendersons were pleased with the ease of the process, in addition to the relaxed and laidback personalities of Chris and Roy.  This was particularly nice considering this was a long-distance build job.  Yes, that’s right; the Hendersons were living in San Diego and building a home in Kansas City.  To many people, this sounds like a nightmare, but the process went smoothly.  Shea noted that Chris would give her a homework list of things to do, and Shea would do them and report back.  From the top of the house to the finished basement, everything was selected carefully, and the Hendersons’ dream home was built.

One thing to be learned in talking to Shea was that you should always ask questions.  Ask people who have built with your builder about their experience, talk to people about your floor plan and see what modifications they might make, and ask for things you want to have in your house, as you just might be able to get them!

Here is a list of changes the Henderson family made to the existing Greystone floor plan:

  • Changed the dining room to an office with French doors
  • Added extra lighting to the office to accommodate its usage as a sewing room
  • Pre-wired the entire home for speakers and whole-home audio
  • Modified the cabinetry on the island to allow for everyone to gather around during meal prep
  • Added special columns between the dining area and the living room to replicate a Craftsman feel
  • Built in a canned goods and spice shelf into the pantry to maximize organization
  • Built in two shelves at the bottom of each closet for shoe storage
  • Framed out areas in the pocket office to use as a large chalkboard and corkboard for messages/artwork
  • Built in two desks in the pocket office for computers and work spaces
  • Doubled the amount of windows in all the bedrooms to allow for natural light
  • Shifted the location of the bathroom toilets to allow for more room while bathing children
  • Added a counter on top of the washer and dryer for folding space
  • Built in bookshelves in the large open space on the second floor of the home
  • Added a “suitcase shelf” in the master closet due to Richard’s extensive travel schedule

Of all the things you can add to your home, personality is one which just comes with a well-built home matching a family’s lifestyle.  As you walk through the Hendersons’ home, you see what is valued to their family:  work about which they feel passionately, shared time together in the kitchen cooking and baking, and family.  Chris was able to see this when she first met the family, and as she built their story, she built it for them alone.  As stated before, no two things are ever identical, and without a doubt, the Hendersons’ home is absolutely, wonderfully theirs.


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