Building Green: Custom Built Homes With the Environment in Mind

Building “Green” is a priority for us and starts at the build site where we are conscious about our matgreen-recycling-symbolerials and waste. We only use contractors who are resourceful with materials to cut down on cost and to make all of our homes environmentally friendly.

We use and reuse materials for as long as possible in our home building process. We strictly use transfer stations to dump excess materials because they sort and ship leftover materials so they are recycled and used elsewhere.

As for your new home, Homes by Chris will fulfill your Green goals by designing a package specific to your needs. Chris is a Certified Green Professional (CGP)™ , a nationally recognized designation created to teach building industry professionals strategies for incorporating green building principles into homes using cost-effective and affordable options.

During the design process we will discuss the type of energy savings that are important to you and put together packages with a combination of insulation, heating & cooling, windows, and energy-efficient technology to go that extra mile.


Energy efficiency starts at the beginning of the home construction phase. HBC Builder will reduce spaces in all parts of the home during the framing process. In the extra spaces which naturally occur, our contractors put insulation in every nook and cranny to keep out the cold winds or the heat from the blazing sun. This creates extra protection from the various weather changes we experience in the Midwest.


We use the highest quality insulation to block heat loss in the winter and prevent heat gain in the summer. HBC Builder has access to a variety of insulation types to ensure you have extra protection in your walls, ceilings, windows, exterior doors, and floors. Between the framing and insulation, you will notice HBC will build an energy efficient home which keeps you comfortable all year long.


Conserving the water usage in your home is imperative to green building. There are several approaches we take to ensure water is not being wasted. We install high-efficiency toilets, water-saving appliances, and flow reduction faucets and showerheads. Insulating water pipes throughout the home also maximizes energy conservation.


HBC selects the highest quality, most efficient air conditioning systems and guarantees they are installed properly to reduce how much energy is being utilized. We take note of how your home heating and cooling system will work, which depends on the floor plan of your home. All ducts are sealed thoroughly to safeguard from any leaks which would end up reducing the energy efficiency of your system.


HBC Builder has been installing energy efficient windows on a consistent basis. These windows include multiple panes, low-e coating, gas fills, and frames made from sustainable materials. The Energy Star windows meet the guidelines established by the U.S. Government.


Energy efficiency can occur in lighting with can lighting, bulbs, and to have a control system for the lights. You can adjust the amount of lighting needed in various rooms, as well as for exterior lights. This is an easy way to ensure you are utilizing your energy on an as-needed basis, which will positively affect the environment and its resources.

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