Build Your Story: Dr. Luckana Asandra


“What is your favorite part of your new home?”

“The whole thing.  The whole thing is my favorite.”

Homes by Chris has done it again.  We built a luxury custom home for Luckana Asandra to meet her desires.  We built a house with an expansive exercise room.  We built a house with an extended plant room to house the plants she so carefully tends to each and every day.  We built a closet most people would envy.  We built a house.  We built a home.  We built her story.

As Dr. Asandra traveled through the streets in Copperleaf, she came upon the lot she wanted to build her home upon.  The lot, at the time, was owned by Homes by Chris, so Luckana reached out to Roy and Chris Ragland, premier custom home builders, to create a plan for building her house.  With the help of her boyfriend, Dr. Asandra selected the house plan which would be the framework for her new home:  the Parker.

The Parker, a reverse 1.5 story, offers the luxury of having most of your conveniences on the first floor:  the kitchen, living room, dining area, laundry, and easy access to the garage.  What Dr. Asandra decided to do, though, was eliminate one of the bedrooms in the original plan and use the space to accommodate her own lifestyle and interests.  She also extended the home an additional five feet to provide even more room.  The square footage normally devoted to a first floor guest bedroom was put into the spacious bathroom suite, shoe closet, and the gorgeous “greenhouse” plant room off of the master bedroom.  There are windows in the master bedroom which provide a spectacular view into the plant room, so Luckana can view her plants and enjoy the pieces of nature she tends to so lovingly.  With the help of Chris and the spatial designer on staff, she really figured out how to maximize her space to create a place of content living.

The lower level of this home is a blend of Homes by Chris’s traditional floor plan and Luckana’s design.  There is one large guest bedroom with a large closet and private bathroom.  There is the traditional “recreational area” in the original floor plan, which also includes a bar area.  However, Dr. Asandra added in a lavish exercise room to house her six pieces of fitness equipment, complete with a shoe rack, television, and mirrored wall.  Physical fitness is very important to her, and having it all in her home allows her the opportunity to stay fit without having to go anywhere to do it!

As Dr. Asandra led me through her home, she pointed out the touches she put on her house to make it her own:

  • Heated tile flooring in the bathroom
  • Separate shoe closet
  • Built-in dresser in master closet
  • Stylized doors throughout the home
  • Elaborate security system
  • Plant room equipped with skylights, counter and sink, and access to the private deck
  • Expanded a closet into a full-sized linen closet
  • Added in a full built-in shelving system for the television in the lower level
  • Extended the laundry room and added a folding shelf and an upper shelf for storage
  • Added in cabinetry for storage of cleaning items in drop zone area
  • Extended the whole house an additional 5’
  • Maintained the suspended garage to for increased storage space in the house

When you build a house with Homes by Chris, there is no limit to what you can do.  Dr. Asandra was able to build a home perfect for her lifestyle and interests, and she said, “Roy and Chris were very good and nice to work with.”  It is obvious, as the house is now complete, that Homes by Chris custom built the story Luckana had to tell.

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