Baby its Cold Outside!

HVAC systemsIt may have seemed like the cooler weather was never going to get here, but the fall season has finally arrived and so has the nippy air.

So in addition to changing over our wardrobe and getting mentally prepared for the coming holiday season, our thoughts also turn to warmth as we look at the HVAC systems in our home.

Roger Buckner of Buckner’s Heating and Cooling in Gladstone, a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the greater Kansas City metropolitan area for more than 30 years, says that new home buyers often overlook the significance that an excellent HVAC system makes in our daily life.

“Comfort includes a lot of factors, including temperature swings within the house, humidity levels, indoor air quality, and even noise both inside and out,” Buckner explains.  “We usually find that a new homeowner who’s willing to make a relatively small investment in new or upgraded equipment will be rewarded with lower bills, better overall comfort, and longer equipment life.”

Efficiency, which enables a homeowner to estimate their potential energy savings, and the length of time will you be in the house are key to determining what kind of system and what types of accessories you will need.

“In most homes, a humidifier is a must, and better filtration with either a media filter or electronic air cleaner reduces household dust, allergens, and other pollutants that circulate throughout the house,” he says, “plus a dehumidifier for the off seasons when that the A/C is not running.”

Semi-annual servicing of your system is a crucial component as well, which includes, for the cooling aspect, inspection, and cleaning of the outdoor unit, checking for loose connections and burnt wiring, checking the refrigerant level, changing the filter and cleaning the drain.

“As far as heating, we check and clean where necessary the burners and flame sensor, blower motor and wheel and humidifier pad, and check the gas pressure and CO level,” he adds.

Future HVAC trends include Wi-Fi thermostats with smartphone connectivity, variable-speed compressors for the A/C and heat pumps that provide ultra-high efficiencies and tailored capacity, and Geothermal systems.

“Geothermal systems are the future with rising energy costs,” Buckner says. “Three Geothermal systems use the same energy as one standard system today. There is usually a 7-to 10-year payback from utility savings, and the average life of the system is 20 years compared to 12 years for a standard system.”

Manufacturer rebates, tax credits, and utility programs are other areas where homeowners can make the best use of their heating and cooling dollars.

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