2015 Trend: Customized Craftsman Homes

Custom home builders Roy and Chris Ragland research trends in home building on a consistent basis.  They are confident in knowing their style of home is one which will be popular for years and years to come.  The “craftsman” style home which first arose in the 1920s has come back in full swing with custom builders and their customers.

Craftsman Home Features

What makes a home a “craftsman” home?  To start with, craftsman homes feature extensive woodwork.  When you walk through an HBC home, your eyes will be drawn to the intricate woodwork throughout the house.  Everything from the trim, to built-in cabinetry and shelving, to wainscoting boasts craftsman.  Whether the wood is stained or painted, it doesn’t matter, as it is just the quantity of wood which is representative of a craftsman style home.

Another aspect of a craftsman home is the use of natural stone.  Custom home builders are able to hand-pick the stone they would like to incorporate throughout their homes.  You will typically find stone used around the fireplace area, on the front exterior of the home, and even sprinkled throughout rooms in the house, such as the kitchen or bathrooms.

Lastly, a craftsman home will tie the exterior and interior together beautifully.  Look for easy access to patios or decks, screened-in decks, or sun rooms with natural light.  These features ensure that the homeowner feels a strong tie to the outside world, and also makes the outdoors very accessible to people in the house.

Keeping the Craftsman Up-to-Date

As a customer of Homes by Chris, Julia Haseltine and Chris will help you to make sure your home will be a style you love and will fit your family’s lifestyle.  You can keep your home style up-to-date by raising ceilings to nine feet or higher.  A free-flowing kitchen, dining area, and living area can be designed to meet your needs.  Giving extra space in master suite closets will help make the most of your area.  These features go beyond the typical 1920s style of craftsman homes, and you will find yourself pleased with the on-trend design of your custom built home for years to come!

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